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The Batwa People And Culture

A trip to the South Western part of Uganda is not complete without taking some time to visit the Batwa people. They are commonly known to strangers as short people who live their lives separated fro the outside world. What you will experience with the Batwa is an affection for people not seen anywhere else. They are a welcoming people with alot to show you. From traditional dances, to their art which includes pottery, weaving etc.

Gorilla, Chimpanzee Primates Tracking

Uganda is the world's largest home of primates such as gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys etc. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is home to more gorillas than any other lace on earth while Kibaale National Park is largely considered the Chimpanzee capital of the world. At first look, you will be taken aback by how gentle these animals are while they interact with you.

Boat Cruise And Fishing Trips

Ever imagined what it is like to travel on the world's largest fresh water lake or fishing on the world's longest river. Uganda is blessed with not just Lake Victoria and River Nile but also countless other water bodies. Take a boat ride by yourself or with a group of like minded tourists all the while guided by some of the best trained water travel experts. Enjoy the cool water breeze whilst eating sea food most of which is exclusive to Uganda.

Safari Lodges in upcountry locations

After a long day of day of traversing the wild, it's only fair that you get to relax in a quiet and beautiful place while immersing yourself in well assorted drinks or in conversation with like minded people. These upcountry Safari Lodges provide just that. From Mweya safari Lodges to Chobe to Paak, book with us and you will be guaranteed comfortable and stress free travel and stay.

Wildlife Animals and Birds View

You have probably heard of lions but not tree climbing lions. These and many more animals are available in Uganda most of which unavailable in anywhere else in the world! Come have a look at lions, leopards, hippos, elephants, monkeys, and other rare animal species. In addition, Uganda is home to thousands of different bird species. From the Shoebill, The elegant Ugandan Crested Crane, ostriches etc