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In 1991, the Batwa in Uganda were evicted from the forests they had lived on since time immemorial.  As a result, most were left landless and impoverished and, to survive, resorted to begging and life as labourers on other people’s land.

The indigenous Batwa people are continuously being marginalized and silenced, which has rendered them one of Central Africa’s most vulnerable and endangered groups. Traditionally a hunter-gatherer society, some of the Batwa still practice ancient traditions and customs, which form part of their rich culture. However, in Uganda just as much as in Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern DRC, the community’s livelihood systems and their survival as a whole is in grave danger due to land grabbing committed by the respective governments.

Today, the Batwa are mainly living in the districts of Kisoro, Kabale, Kanungu, Bundibigyo, Mbarara, Ntungamo, some in Lwengo and Mubende and other places therefore they are scattered.

The Batwa Experience will also show you how they lived in huts made of grass, trees, the use of tree-houses, caves.  Experience the Batwa village life of old, the sharing, of living as a community, as a people, learn the things that they revered and cared for and almost lost.
Embarking on the Batwa experience exposes you too.

Our Batwa Development Program Initiatives

Education Sponsorship

Education is one of the surest ways to combat extreme poverty. Bashem Safaris Tours and travel sponsors hundreds of students in school, at every level from nursery to university.

Food Donation

Donating food to the Batwa people helps them counter poverty, hunger and at the same time, it improves harmony, friendliness, and trust among other residents.