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6 Days Wildlife Encounter in Murchison Falls and Kidepo Valley National Park


You are welcome to a 6 days trip that takes you to two of Uganda’s national parks which is Murchison Falls national park, which is home to a number of wild animals, and birds like lions, buffaloes, leopards and the African savannah elephant and it hosts the strongest waterfalls in the world. Kidepo Valley national Park located in the North Eastern part of Uganda, which is a reflection of the true African wilderness. The park is as well blessed with a variety of wild animals, bird species and the unique Karamojong Community.

Begin every day as nature intends.

Day by day Activities

DAY 1: Transfer from Kampala to Kidepo valley National Park

After early morning breakfast, you will transfer from Kampala to Kidepo valley National Park with stopovers for stretching, snacks, lunch and photography. On arrival, we shall check in at the Lodge, freshen up, relax and have early dinner. Thereafter, rest in preparation for the next day’s activities.

DAY 2: The Morning Game Drive, Birding and the Nature Walk.

We shall start the day by having early morning breakfast then head for a morning game drive through the park. We expect to see multiple animals including the lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes and many more. While on the game drive, we expect to also see a variety of bird species for example the famous ostrich. Thereafter, we shall drive back to the lodge where we shall be served lunch. After lunch, we shall wrap up the day with a nature walk where we shall be appeased by the nature. As the birds will be singing sweet melodies in the trees. Then get back to the Lodge, freshen up, have dinner and rest in preparation for the next day’s adventure.

DAY 3: The Cultural Encounter with the Karamojong

Day 3 will welcome you with an early morning breakfast and then drive to the Karamojong community to visit the Manyattas (these are unique hats constructed by the Karamojong only in Uganda) where we shall be involved in a variety of activities with the community. These activities include; Cooking, storytelling, cultural dances and songs. We shall have lunch with the community which will be the local meal prepared locally by the community in which we shall be involved.

It is important to note that, all the activities involved take a full day. Therefore, after the long day’s activities we shall drive back to the lodge where we shall freshen up and later served dinner. Then rest and get ready for the next day.

DAY 4: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park

You will wake up early morning for breakfast and after start the journey to Murchison Falls national park.  While on the way, we shall have stopovers for stretching, snacks, photography and Lunch.

We shall meet different people with different cultures, which will leave you un usual

Upon arrival at Murchison Falls, we shall check in to the Lodge, freshen up, relax and dinner will be served. Then have enough rest in preparation for the following day.


DAY 5: The Game drive and Boat Cruise

After being served early morning breakfast, we shall head into the wild for a game drive. While on the game drive, we expect to see enormous wild animals like elephants, lions, leopards, hyenas, and many more. Upon finishing the game drive, we shall drive back to the Lodge where we shall have a delicious lunch.

After lunch, we shall head for a two-hour boat cruise along River Nile where we shall be in position to have a glimpse at the world’s strongest waterfalls. We shall see many species of birds; hostile water creatures like the Crocodiles, Hippos, Snakes and other wild animals coming to take water. Shall drive back to the Lodge where dinner will be served later.


After your morning breakfast, you will exit the park with many memories, you will exit the park as you embark on the most engaging moments and memories and drive back to Kampala,

You will drive and have your lunch enroute from a selected restaurant. You will reach in Kampala in the evening, and be dropped to your hotel or to the airport for your flight

DAY 1. Transfer from Kampala to Bwindi National Park.

You will begin your trip, on day one from Kampala with a briefing from the driver guide, who will the make sure you got your breakfast, and then drive to western Uganda, where your end will be Bwindi national park. You will have number stopovers for meals, snacks, photos, and your lunch.  You will be driving westwards, along the snake like roads, surrounded by the most beautiful and fantastic landscapes that will be attracting every camera lens and your eyes.

Curious! You will check in from the hotel, in the evening and relax as you prepare your minds for the wonderful next day.

DAY 2. Ultimate Gorilla Trekking Experience

This is a long waited and a highlight day of the trip! As you will wake up In the morning have your breakfast, and packed lunch, then head to the gorilla tracking briefing point to meet the guides who will be taking you through this experience.

You will take a short walk through the impenetrable and tropical rain forests, as you will meet these primates, as you will be allowed time with them, as you witness their interaction and behaviours.

Thereafter, you will return to the hotel, for relaxation, sit and enjoy the balcony view of the tropical rain forests, as the beautiful birds sing for you from the nature, with that sweet and sharp nature voice. You will later have your dinner and overnight stay as you wait for the next day.

DAY 3. Batwa Experience

On this day, you will be able to meet the indigenous Batwa (Pygmies) in Kisoro district at the slopes of Mount Muhavura. The Batwa Experience will also show you how they lived in huts made of grass, trees, the use of tree houses, caves.  Experience the Batwa village life of old, the sharing, of living as a community, as a people, learn the things that they revered and cared for and almost lost.

During your stay with them, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful and remarkable moments, as you will enjoy their local dances, and other cultural activities, like their hunting activities and others.

You will in the evening, head back to the lodge, relax and you enjoy the balcony view of the tropical rain forests.

Dinner, overnight stay as you wait for the next day.

DAY 4: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park via Ishasha

After an African delicious breakfast, you will drive to Queen Elizabeth national park via Ishasha sector in southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park.

While driving to Queen Elizabeth national park, you will have a game drive through Ishasha sector and observe the tree-climbing lions as they submerge in the tree branches, relaxing or playing, as they watch their territories.

You will proceed to Queen Elizabeth’s northern sector, for checking in from the lodge, relax with dinner and overnight stay and wait for the next day.

DAY 5: The Morning Game Drive and Afternoon Boat Cruise

After early morning Breakfast drive to the Kasenyi plains for morning game drive because its believed to be a home for abundant wildlife, including the predators and the prey, which gives you the best African classic safari experience which engages all your senses with such a beautiful scenery of Rwenzori ranges and crater lakes animals expected to be sighted includes; Buffaloes, elephants, Uganda Kobs, Warthogs, Water bucks, Lions and baboons and varieties of Birds such as grey crown cranes, Southern Red bishop.

After game drive, you will go back to the lodge for warm Lunch, after lunch drive to mweya for the afternoon Boat cruise along the Kazinga channel for best of this un-forgettable and memorable experience while on the boat for two hours cruise to lake Edward where you will see local fishermen, this trip highlights are elephants which come down to the banks to drink and swim, several school of Hippopotamuses, Crocodiles basking at the banks and other animals like Buffaloes, water bucks with varieties of water birds such as, Great cormorant, pied kingfisher, African fish eagle etc.

DAY 6: Transfer to Kibale Forest National Park

You will wake up in the morning with your morning breakfast, and then embark on your journey to Kibale national park, via Kasese Mpondwe road, with a number of stopovers and outstanding view of the fantastic landscapes, as you drive along the zigzag road heading to fort portal.

After reaching at the lodge you will check in and then relax, a you prepare for an activity or the next day. On this day, we may visit the Bigodi community for nature walks to see a number of birds, and primates like the monkeys.

Head back to the lodge, relax, with your dinner stay as you wait for the next day.

DAY 7: Ultimate Chimpanzee Tracking Experience

You will wake up in the morning with a morning breakfast and head to Kanyanchu tourist information center with your parked lunch and drinking water, where you will meet the rangers or guides, who will give you the briefing and information about the chimpanzees, and go meet the wild residents from the primate capital of the world. On this day, you will have a moment with the Chimpanzees, our closest cousins. Spending that moment with these primates is so fascinating that, you will be thrilled by their behaviors and interactions.

You will then after drive back to the for relaxation, and then have an evening walk, you will then head back to the lodge and relax with your dinner, and overnight stay as you wait for the next day.

DAY 8: Transfer back to Kampala.

You will wake up in the morning with your morning breakfast, and embark on your journey back to Kampala/Entebbe International Airport, as this will be the last day of your adventure. You will drive with your lunch en route and through Fort portal-Kampala road as you enjoy the drive through the beautiful and scenic landscapes filled and covered by the tea plantations. You will reach in Kampala in the afternoon / evening and drive to your home, or hotel, or the airport for your return flight.


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